“There Was a Child Went Forth” By Walt Whitman Review

This little poem expresses the author’s identification of his consciousness with all objects and forms, and the list of things which he himself identifies with is large and comprehensive and is a good example of Whitman’s catalogs.

And yet again we are talking about another bad poem. 

However I need to give this poem points for making a good point regarding children. And that point which this poe us making is that children imitate what they see and because of this they become those things which they imitate.

But the rest of this poem is just bad and could have been better if it had focused only on the aspect which I mentioned above. But of course it did do that and here we are with a low rating.

The writing style here in this one was also pretty bad however it had 2 or 3 good moments where the writing style was truly shining but that’s not enough to qualify the writing as good as a whole.

I give this poem 1 / 5

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