The Stock Market Might Get Weaker In 2022

There is a lot of unknowns with Covid-19 around and all the new variants of it coming almost every third month. No matter where you live or where you read this article from the economics will get some consequences because of Covid-19 this year too. And the stock market will be the field in the economics which might be effected the most. 

If you have followed the history of U.S especially the history what happened during every president for the past 70 years or so, you would have noticed that in the second year of every new U.S. president’s term the stock market tended to take a little dive when it comes to their long-term average annual performance. And if you mixes this with a global pandemic which was relevant for the past 2 years and new variants of Covid coming up, you might notice that this doesn’t give a good predictions for the future. Lately the white house is coming up with less-market-friendly policies. Which does not make this situation better or brighter.

The market is also facing the expiration of government programs which were meant to offset the impact of Covid-19. These programs were also meant for rising interest rates and for the supply-chain glitches that have caused many shortages of goods like oil and toilet paper and helped fan inflation.

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