“To a Mouse” By Robert Burns Review

To A Mouse depicts Burns’ remorse at having destroyed the nest of a tiny field mouse with his plough. He apologises to the mouse for his mishap, for the general tyranny of man in nature and reflects mournfully on the role of fate in the life of every creature, including himself.

The writing style in this poem was kind of decent but still not much to talk about because it wasn’t that great when you look as a whole.

The plot here was okay for the most part but it had some up turns and down turns. But for sure it had the potential to be better if it was written by Edgar Allan Poe or H.P Lovecraft. Or at least if it had a creepy or scary part to it.

Overall this poem is a little silly poem which in the end doesn’t make sense in the end. 

I give this poem 3 / 5

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