“Love Is Not All, Veertien Sonetten” By Edna St. Vincent Millay Review

So we are talking about another poem which I had hard time connecting with. 

I don’t know about you but I feel like since late last year and until now I got very picky with books. And almost everything I read since then doesn’t get the rating higher than 2 stars. But there were very few books which got a rating higher than 2 stars. 

The writing style in this one was pretty poor if you ask me on this one. But once again let me mention that I’m not into poems so I don’t know if you can comment on writing styles when it comes to poems. 

The story was pretty okay but I had hard time connecting with it as I mentioned above. 

It was my first poem by this author, so I don’t know if she does a better work on the other poems she has or not. So I can’t compare this one to some of her other work.

I give this poem 1 / 5

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