“Parsley” By Rita Dove Review

Based around the true story of a mass killing that occurred in 1937 in the Dominican Republic. Rafael Trujillo, referred to as “El General” in the text, was the military dictator of the country. He ordered everyone put to death who could not pronounce the word “parsley”.

Overall its was a good poem but as you may expect from my low rating it didn’t go so well with me.

I had hard time connecting with the story in this poem, so as you might expect if I can’t connect with the story not the characters I just can’t give a good rating to the poem or the book.

The writing style was pretty average, the writing style which you can see in this poem is pretty much like every other average poem. So the writing style doesn’t have a lot to talk about here. 

Im also not that into poems so I can’t talk a lot about everything people talk about when it comes to poems. 

I give this poem 1 / 5

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