Asset Allocation By Goals

For this one you need to consider you’re investing when and how you need to get started to reach your goal. 

If you are saving for an event like weeding or vacation which will happen soon then it will be a bad idea to put that money you are saving into bonds, funds or stocks. Because you don’t want to find out that the market have dived on the day of buying plane tickets to your vacation place or the day before a big event.

But if you are planning to buy a vacation home in California or Hawaii in 20 years let’s say, then feel free to invest that money you are investing towards this. Because in the the period of 20 years the money have a huge chance to grow if you invest in stocks like Coca Cola, Tesla or any other stock which are doing good and have been doing good for a couple of years. 

And by this your dream of buying a vacation home in California or Hawaii will become less a dream and more a reality.

You Can Find My Investing Portfolio Here

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