“Oh Captain! My Captain!” By Walt Whitman Review

This poem celebrates the end of the American Civil War, it is also was an tribute to President Abraham Lincoln. Losing and winning are thus closely intertwined throughout the poem.

So this one was my first try at reading something by Walt Whitman and to be honest I wasn’t a fan of this one. 

The writing style in this one was not great, it could have been better and the full potential of this poem wasn’t used which is sad.

The plot in this poem is pretty okay, but still it felt like there was something missing in this one. 

But I liked the link which this poem had to Civil War (USA) and sort of the tribute in this poem to Abraham Lincoln which is one of the most important historical persons in the history of United States Of America. And of course without Abraham Lincoln, USA would had look very different today and throughout the history.

I think that the main problem on why I gave this poem so low rating is because I’ve never been a poetry lover. Im just a girl who tries to stay away from poetry but I can read it when I have a reading slum. 

However I need to give this poem points for showing us that victory comes with a great price to pay. Which some people today might forget about. 

I give this poem 1 / 5

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