“Fragmentary blue” By Robert Frost Review

This short poem of eight lines is from New Hampshire which is about our love of blue colour. 

Before we go further i need to mention that this poem gets some extra points from me because this poem is one of these poems written by Robert Frost which sort of express a passing thought, observation or reflection, without being very profound. And i love when this happens.

This poem is even more fascinating because of the regard it has about the colour blue  which is the orientation of this poem.

This poem is well written and it is sort of bringing your imagination to work to imagine all the things which this poem gives you.

However I had hard time connecting with this poem which is why I give it so low rating as I did. 

At the time of writing this article / post this poem had only 2 ratings on Goodreads and I was one of these 2 ratings. And I don’t know why because this poem should be read by more people. 

The story in this poem is pretty okay but it didn’t speak to me but I appreciate it  and I’m glad that I read it because I give me a little bit of different perspective. 

I give this poem 2 / 5

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