“Christmas Trees” By Robert Frost Review

This poem is about a city man who comes to the speaker’s country farm offering to buy all the pine trees behind his farmhouse to sell in the city as Christmas trees.

I mentioned this in previous reviews but I do it again Im a fan of winter and Christmas stories and this poem is one of them however this one didn’t do much for me. And I’m not a fan of poetry of course I read poetry on the reg but not like Im reading it everyday and can talk about it for hours. 

This poem really tells a story and it isn’t just a random x amount of lines poem which doesn’t mean anything deeper. This poem tells a good story about a rich man who comes to a Christmas tree farm. 

The writing style here is amazing and it really makes you imagine what you are reading in this poem. 

The message of this poem can be read in different ways depends on the person who is reading it. But the 2 message i got from this poem was sort of anti-commercialism message and the second was that things may have bigger value than you think they have. And let me know what message you got from this poem would love to know it.

I had a hard time connecting with this poem and it because of this that I give it so low rating. 

This poem gets 2 / 5

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