“Mending Wall” By Robert Frost Review

The poem revolves around the story of two neighbours who come across each other in spring every year to mend the stone wall that separates their farms.

This poem was actually one of the better once I’ve read so far. I like it a lot but there are some things with this poem which didn’t go with me but I just can’t put the word on what it is.

I like the premise of this poem which is to show us the reader how a fences can create good neighbours. But it also shows us how people can sort of can preserve their long-lasting relations with neighbours by founding such walls. But i feel like this topic is over used now on days.

In this poem Robert Frost gives us a crusty persona in this poem. And for the most part this poem is full of wallops.

The whole story in this poem is about 2 men who meet to repair the wall dividing their property. It was good but at times it felt provoking and settling at the same time.

The narrator in this poem question the purpose of the fence between the neighbours.

Overall it is a good poem. But it didn’t do much for me personally. Some of you may love it or like it.

This poem gets 2 / 5

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