“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” By Robert Frost Review

This poem is about the contemplation of nature and man’s relationship to nature. The poem describes a man making his way home on a snowy evening to stop and watch a neighbor’s woods fill up with snow, despite the cold and the late hours.

This one is another amazing poem from Robert Frost not as good as the previous poem we talked about but not far behind.

This poem is fun to read and super enjoyable because it explores the relationship which human beings can have with nature. 

This poem doesn’t fail to show us the beauty of snow. If you are like me, you too take a moment to appreciate snow every time it falls from the sky every winter.

I personally love poems and books which takes place during winter because my favourite time during the whole year is winter and snow.  So the fact that the events in this poem takes place during a snowy evening gains more points from me.

The writing style is again very beautiful and very amazing. Which really makes you realise why Robert Frost is one of the best poet which every lived. 

This poem is an example on a good poem and how each poem should be like.

This poem gets 4 / 5

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