“X-ing a Paragraph” By Edgar Allan Poe Review.

The ‘wise men’ came ‘from the East,’ and as Mr. Touch-and-go Bullet-head came from the East, it follows that Mr. Bullet-head was a wise man; and if collateral proof of the matter be needed, here we have it—Mr.

Overall this was a little funny story, which has the misused potential to be much better. However this wasn’t so funny for me as many other people on the internet claim it was. 

I personally feel like every time Edgar Allan Poe tries to be funny in a story or poem I every time hate it no matter what. 

For the most part this one was a very tongue-in-cheek story. 

To be honest here this short story felt like reading a drama on the internet when a person who have issues with someone else on the internet begins to talk vaguely about it.

The writing style here didn’t even seem like it can from Edgar Allan Poe. Which wasn’t great. 

I give this novel 1 / 5

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