“What the Moon Brings” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

This short story is shorter than most of H.P Lovecraft’s other short stories which really speaks for itself don’t you think?

This short story is based on one of H.P Lovecraft’s dreams which pretty relevant and common technique when it comes to H.P Lovecraft.

The plot it pretty poor but after all this short story is essentially a fragment of something longer. And I truly wish that the whole thing would be published instead of this little fragment. 

The writing style was poor here as well, of course it had some good parts in it but as a whole thing in this short story the writing style is pretty poor. So there isn’t much to talk about here.

This one has nothing to make this short story stand out from the rest. Which really speaks for itself. 

However I need to give this short story points for having the feeling when you are reading it that you are stepping into another person’s dream sequence. 

I give this short story 2 / 5

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