“Von Kempelen and His Discovery” By Edgar Allan Poe Review.

It described the discovery by a German chemist, Baron Von Kempelen, of an alchemical process to transform lead into gold. The account concluded by noting that news of the discovery had already caused a two hundred per cent leap in the price of lead in Europe.

So unfortunately this one was another boring and pretty much uninteresting story from Edgar Allan Poe.

I have really mixed feeling on this one. To me it feels like 1 star is not enough but 2 stars is too much for this one. 

The writing style is pretty much enjoyable for the most part but it does have some weak parts. 

To me this story feels like Edgar Allan Poe tries to fool a little but his readers which at least didn’t go so well with me.

For the most part this one was a scientific story about lead being turned to gold. I like the basic idea of this story but it could have been done so much better.

In this one Edgar Allan Poe also shows that he was a little bit of a jokester. Which really surprised me.

I give this novel 1 / 5

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