“The Terrible Old Man” By HP Lovecraft Review

This short story is about Three robbers plan to break into the house of a mysterious old man to steal his gold. They soon find out that the old man is not as defenseless as they thought.

The plot of this story isn’t so unique now on days because it is about adult men planning to rob an old man. We have seen probably ever version of this plot in the movies during the last 10 years which makes this plot a little bit overused. But the fact that this short story was written back in 1920 doesn’t make it better since im dead tired of this plot. (Thanks Hollywood for destroying this plot for me).

The writing style went down the hill from the previous short story from HP Lovecraft we have talked about. It was for the most part okay but there were some parts which were a little bit at the bottom of the hill kindly said.

The characters here were surprisingly good. I wasn’t expecting the characters in this short story to be so good as they were. 

This story was creepy at some parts, and for the most part this story was enjoyable with very few boring moments. And to make a quick comment about these creepy moments in this short story I need to say that I truly loved these creepy moments because they sent a chill down my spine. 

But to be fully honest here this short story was for me at least way too descriptive. The amount of details and other things we were given in this short story annoyed me to say at least. I hate when short stories and books have way too many details in them. Come on authors give us some free space to wonder ourself. 

I give this short story 1 / 5

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