“The Temple” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

The story is narrated as a “found manuscript” penned by Karl Heinrich, Graf von Altberg-Ehrenstein, a lieutenant-commander in the Imperial German Navy during the days of World War I. Altberg begins by declaring that he has decided to document the events leading up to his untimely end in order to “set certain facts” before the public, aware that he will not survive to do so himself.

Another pretty average short story from no other than H.P Lovecraft. 

The writing style was probably the best part of this short story, it was actually super good. It makes you imagine indoor head what you read in this short story. This short story really proves that the writing style is as important as the plot itself. 

The plot itself in this short story however was pretty average. I think that H.P Lovecraft really nailed it, because I have a feeling that if someone else wrote this story it wouldn’t be as good as it really as.

And I gotta be a little bit honest here with you about the fact that this short story is a slightly unusual story for H.P Lovecraft.

And I need to give this short story extra points for being sort of a claustrophobic underwater horror short story. I’m the person who is scared of deep seas and oceans so it works very good on me. 

I give this short story 3 / 5

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