“The Statement of Randolph Carter” By HP Lovecraft Review

This short story is about the first person testimony of the titular character, who has been found wandering through swampland in an amnesiac shock.

The whole plot of this short story was pretty good, but for me it was something missing in the plot so that’s why it didn’t get the full score in the plot category. But since you might know, I’m very picky so it isn’t anything new when I don’t give a high score to books, short stories and poems. 

The writing style was for me the best part about this short story. It was amazing and it almost felt like HP Lovecraft was in your head and knew what words to use in purpose to have you involved in the story. 

And the fact that this short story is sort of a horror drama got me involved even more in the short story. Horror drama is the only drama I’m into and the fact that this short story gives us that is amazing. 

For the most part this short story was an enjoyable read, however it had some very boring parts and there were some plot holes for me at least. 

There was some creepy moments in this one but come on, it could have been more of them to be honest. Or at least I watched too many horror movies and read too many horror books which made me immune to creepy and scary stuff. 

I give this short story 1 / 5

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