“The Picture in the House” By HP Lovecraft Review

This short story is about A young man takes shelter from a storm in an old house inhabited by a strange old man.

So this is the second short story by HP Lovecraft which gave me Edgar Allan Poe vibes for whatever reason. But I really don’t mind that. 

The writing style here was pretty decent, but as someone who have read a few short stories by HP Lovecraft I know that he was able to do better than this.

The plot in this one was really Lovecraftian as you might know. But still for whatever reason it didn’t go well with me. 

It was very short so I didn’t need to suffer throughout reading this one, which is really good. 

The ending in this one, was one of the worst ending I’ve read so far. Which really speaks for itself doesn’t it?

I feel like the whole premise of this story wasn’t really fulfilled which really annoys me. 

I give this short story 1 / 5

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