“The Moon-Bog” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

In the story, the unnamed narrator describes the final fate of his good friend, Denys Barry, an Irish-American who reclaims an ancestral estate in Kilderry, a fictional village in Ireland. Barry ignores pleas from the superstitious local peasantry not to drain the nearby bog, with unfortunate supernatural consequences.

The main plot of this story was pretty good but it could have been better in couple of ways and I also didn’t vibe with it. So I just couldn’t give this short story a good rating. 

The writing style was pretty good, to be honest it was better than the writing style than in the previous HP Lovecraft short story we talked about which was “The Quest of Iranon”.

To me stil story felt like something written by M.R. James, which really speaks for itself.

I also need to mention that this short isn’t so memorable which to me means that if you can remember it a year after you read it, then the story wasn’t good enough.

I give this story 1 / 5

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