“The Domain of Arnheim” By Edgar Allan Poe Review.

“The Domain of Arnheim” is a tale of a fantastically wealthy man called “Ellison” who desires to express “the true character, the august aims, the supreme majesty and dignity of the poetic sentiment”. He achieves his goal through creating “Arnheim”, a castle and landscape-garden of supreme loveliness.

For the most part this whole tale is about a man named Ellison and about his travel journey which was actually a good idea for a story. But again Edgar Allan Poe did not use the full potential of this story.

The writing style was pretty decent and for the most part the best thing in this whole story. 

This one is pretty much hard to pin down. But it wasn’t that great so that ti could give it even 2 stars. 

Don’t get me wrong I had a little bit of fun while reading this story but it could have been better than it actually was.

I give this novel 1 / 5

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