“The Descendant” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

The story begins with a narrator explaining that he is on his deathbed and feels the need to share a particular story before he dies. He tells of a quiet and slightly mad older man who lives in the Gray’s Inn with his pet cat. The mad is haggard and haunted, looking older than his years and terrified of church bells. A young man named Williams (the narrator) moves into to the Inn and tries to befriend the old man and get him to share his knowledge. It is revealed that the man is Lord Northam of England. 

So this was another pretty average short story from H.P Lovecraft. I had high expectations for this short story but it did disappoint me a little bit.

This short story also felt like it wasn’t complete and that the some parts of the short story are missing. 

The writing style was pretty okay and it probably the writing style it was the best part of this short story. 

The plot was okay but it had potential to be better. It somehow felt poor and that something was off with it. It would be much better if this short story was a novel instead of a short story. 

Some parts of this short story had some creepy parts in it, which this short story needs to get points for. 

I was missing from this short story more details and descriptions. This short story would be so much better of it had more details and descriptions. 

I give this short story 2 / 5

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