“The Cats of Ulthar” By HP Lovecraft Review

This short story is about how the town of Ulthar made the decision to forbid anyone from killing cats. 

For the most part this one is fun little short story which most people will enjoy. 

The plot is fine here, but the whole potential wasn’t used here. And the plot gives a couple of question-marks because the narrator talks about that in the time before the law became a thing, there have been an accident or an event where the an old cotter and his wife who trapped and killed their neighbors’ cats.

The writing style here was pretty okay, it wasn’t the best but after reading a couple of short stories I can tell that the writing style could be much better than it actually was.

This short story supposes to be a horror story but to be honest it feels more like a twisted and dark fairytale than a horror story. It can be just me, but if you have read this short story let me know what was your thoughts about it.

I give this short story 1 / 5

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