“The Angel of the Odd” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

The story follows an unnamed narrator who reads a story about a man who died after accidentally sucking a needle down his throat. He rages at the gullibility of humanity for believing a hoax. 

So the whole story in this short story was so absurd that there were times were it might laugh and there were times when it made me think why I was reading it. Which isn’t a good combination if you ask me.

However it needs to get points for being creative and sort of different from his other short stories. For me at least it sort of stands out from the rest not because it is good but because it was so strange even when it comes to Edgar Allan Poe.

I had really hard time connecting with the story which as you might know leads me to give it a low rating.

However  it was entertaining and made me laugh at times. And I had sort of fun time reading it but it was far from the best work by Edgar Allan Poe. However at times it was way too ridiculous at least for me.

The writing style was okay, it was not the worst but neither it was the best. Its like on the line between good and bad. 

I don’t know why but every time Edgar Allan Poe tries to be humanistic in his stories it doesn’t go well with me. It might be because I think of Edgar Allan Poe as the strange and odd guy who writes bad ass stories and poems and not as the jokester. 

This short stories wasn’t sort of my idea of horror which is probably another reason why I give it so low rating. 

It was also hard to read at times because the voice of the angel in this short story was written in a weird way. Which was sort of a in drunken style which made me very confused. 

I give this story 1 / 5

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