“Polaris” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

In the story, an unnamed narrator describes his nightly obsession with the Pole star, and his recurring dreams of a city under siege. The narrator struggles with determining whether his reality is real, or if his dream is the true reality. Critics have noted autobiographical elements in the story, and have connected it with Lovecraft’s experiences of uselessness during WW1

The atmosphere here in this one wasn’t great for me because I didn’t quit get it and it felt strange. 

The write style in this one was pretty strange and it didn’t feel quit as H.P Lovecraft. And it also felt like it was written by someone who have never written anything before. It could be just be me who is being to harsh for everything I read. 

The plot here is pretty basic and not to much to talk about here because there isn’t much which is happening here. 

The characters here are also not much to talk about here, because they are super flat and they feels like there is nothing to tell them apart here. 

I give this short story 2 / 5

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