“Landor’s Cottage” By Edgar Allan Poe Review.

Landor’s Cottage describes an idyllic house that the narrator stumbles upon on a country walk. Poe was inspired in this account by his final home, a farmhouse in New York State (now part of the Bronx) where he took up residence in 1846. The house has become a museum dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe.

So I had some expectations for this story which it didn’t live up to and it makes me sad. Because there are a lots of stories and poems from Edgar Allan Poe which I didn’t give so high rating to and I want give them a high rating but most of them doesn’t seem to me like they are good enough to give them higher rating.

The writing for the most part was the best part of this story but it could have been so much better than it was. 

Gotta say that this one is full of too long descriptions of almost everything which you can find in this story. 

This story is about nature and a quaint cottage that the narrator happens upon. I like the idea behind it but it wasn’t used as it could have been. 

I give this novel 1 / 5

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