“Beyond the Wall of Sleep” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

A former intern and a worker of a mental hospital relates his experience with Joe Slater, an inmate who died at the facility a few weeks after being confined as a criminally insane murderer.

The plot in this short story was good, not as amazing as I’ve expect it to be. But it still was very good, very interesting, very fun to read and very engaging. Which really speaks for itself doesn’t it? 

The writing style here was very good, I had some high expectations for this short story but not as high as the writing style turned out to be. The writing style really made you imagine in your head what you are reading in this short story. 

I know that there are some people on the internet that are saying that this short story is racist, but come on give this short story a break. It was published over 100 years ago and a lot of things was very different in 1919 hen this short story was published. Which means that we have different options and standards now than people in 1919 had. But let’s go back to the review shall we ?

I need to give this short story points for showing us that the line between reality and dreams might be very blurred at times. And I’m into that if you didn’t know it so far. 

And this short story really shows us that dreams play an important role in the world of H.P Lovecraft and his stories. 

I read a couple of H.P Lovecraft’s stories and this one so far was the only one to stand out a little bit from the rest I’ve read so far. The reason why it stands out is because the positive insinuation rather than the manipulation of horror which sort of is a relevant topic in the stories from H.P Lovecraft. 

I give this short story 4 / 5

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