“The Shadow over Innsmouth” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

The narrator explains how he instigated a secret investigation of the ruined town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts—a former seaport isolated from other nearby towns by vast salt marshes—by the U.S. government after fleeing it on July 16, 1927. The investigation ultimately concluded with the arrest and detention of many of the town’s residents in concentration camps as well as a submarine torpedoing Devil Reef, which the press mistakenly reported as Prohibition liquor raids.

So far I’ve read a lot of H.P Lovecraft’s short stories and I gotta say that this one is the best one to start your journey with the man. 

The plot was good and had the potential to be much better than it actually was but of course yet again H.P Lovecraft didn’t use that potential. The plot had couple of down rides thought the 150 pages. 

The idea for the plot was amazing but it was a little but misused because it could have been so much better if only H.P Lovecraft took the right choice of how to tell the story. Because the way he choice to tell the story didn’t quite match the plot. This is at least how I felt about it.

The writing style was not the greatest, it could have been so much better Tham it actually was.

I give this short story 3 / 5

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