“Old Bugs” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

With the onset of Prohibition, the Sheehan Billiard Room in Chicago became a sordid haunt for hard drinkers. A certain Old Bugs, a mature man corroded by vices but capable of showing, at long intervals, the typical sensitivity of educated people works as a kitchen cleaner.

The beginning of this short story was slow as it could get, it had 0 action and nothing interesting with it. But after couple of pages the action have rose up and it finally began to be interesting. 

This short story doesn’t have any monsters chasing the main character nor it is a story which you will expect from H.P Lovecraft. 

The descriptions in this short story were up and down. There were moments where the descriptions were very good but there have also been moments where the descriptions were super bad. These swings in descriptions for me at least ruined the short story.

The beginning as I’ve said before was bad and middle part was good enough and by the end it felt quite melancholy.

I give this short story 3 / 5

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