“The Strange High House in the Mist” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

Thomas Olney, a “philosopher” visiting the town of Kingsport, Massachusetts with his family, is intrigued by a strange house on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It is unaccountably high and old and the locals have a generations-long dread of the place which no one is known to have visited. With great difficulty, Olney climbs the crag, approaches the house, and meets the mysterious man who lives there.

Finally a pretty decent short story from none other than H.P Lovecraft. Ive been waiting for a long time to read something like this after reading so many bad short stories from the man himself.

However this short story wasn’t scary as much as you might think or expect from it. But for sure it is eerie and has some very good moments which will send chills down your spin but nothing more than this.

The plot itself is fine, but it could have been better because it had the potential to be better than it actually was. The plot has for sure a creepy setting to it which I was a fan of, but it felt like something was missing in it. Which I can really put word to it because I don’t really know what was missing there but something was for sure.

But the plot had some weak parts at least for me and at times it was kind of boring which really sucked because it could have been avoided if H.P Lovecraft decided to skip couple of things here and there in this story.

The writing style was beautiful in this one but there were couple of moments where it sort of ran down the hill for a whole before returning to the beautiful level.

I give this short story 3 / 5

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