“The Rats in the Walls” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

The story is narrated by the scion of the Delapore family, who has moved from Massachusetts to his ancestral estate in England, known as Exham Priory. On several occasions, the protagonist and his cats hear the sounds of rats scurrying behind the walls. Upon investigating further, he finds that his family maintained an underground city for centuries and that the inhabitants of the city fed on human flesh, even going so far as to raise generations of human cattle, who eventually began to de-evolve due to their sub-human living conditions.

And yet again we are talking about a 2 star short story from H.P Lovecraft. 

The plot in this short story is bad, super bad however it had some good moments which I found myself enjoying but these moments were rare in this short story and it is sad. The plot in this short story had the potential to be much better than it acutely was but its too late to change it now.

The writing style in this one was bad, like super bad. And it was the worst part of this short story. The writing style didn’t feel like something written by the goat himself.

The first 5-10 pages of this short story were pointless for the rest of the short story so I don’t understand the point of these first pages because they only take extra space and extra time to read and they don’t do anything. 

For the most part this short story was very drown out with some few parts in it.  And this short story was the sign that some show stories doesn’t age well because what people like and don’t like change with time. 

I give this short story 2 / 5

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