“The Dreams in the Witch House” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

The story follows Walter Gilman, who takes a room in the Witch House, an accursed house in Akham, Lovecraft’s fictional New England town. The house once harbored Keziah Mason, an witch who disappeared mysteriously from a Salem jail in 1692. Gilman discovers that over the centuries most of its occupants have died prematurely. In his dreams while at the house, Gilman travels to the city of Elder Things and communes with the evil witch and her henchmen.

Gotta say that this short story was kind of good in a way, but not the best I’ve read from H.P Lovecraft. It wasn’t disappointing at least which gives this short story extra points.

I personally found this short story kind of dull. This is because the plot in this one was boring and uninteresting but it had 1 or 2 good moments here and there. But overall it didn’t capture my attention and I had, had hard time trying to focus on it while reading it.

I also feel like this short story was a little bit too wordy and the descriptions in this one were a little bit off if you ask me. However it had some good descriptions here and there so ill give this short story points for that

The scary part in this short story didn’t exists which is sad because you know H.P Lovecraft wrote it. This short story had some moments where it gave you chills but these moments were very rare but still they were here.

I give this short story 2 / 5

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