“The Silver Key” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

An undertaker finds himself trapped in the vault where coffins are stored during Randolph Carter discovers, at the age of 30, that he has gradually “lost the key to the gate of dreams.” As he ages, he finds that his daily waking exposure to the more “practical”, scientific ideas of man, has eventually eroded his ability to dream as he once did, and has made him regretfully subscribe more and more to the mundane beliefs of everyday, waking “real life”. But still not certain which is truer, he sets out to determine whether the waking ideas of man are superior to his dreams.

So again we are talking about another disappointing story written by H.P Lovecraft. Maybe I should stop reading the classic because most of them doesn’t go well with me. 

The plot wasn’t bad but I didn’t like it and I couldn’t connect with it and if you been around for a while you know that if can’t connect with the plot then the rating will be pretty low.

It was wasn’t scary, creepy or eerie at all which really disappointed me because H.P Lovecraft is pretty much known for these 3 things in the stories he writes. 

The writing style was bad, like super bad. It didn’t feel like something H.P Lovecraft would write but rather something written by a high school kid who tried to impersonate H.P Lovecraft.

I give this short story 1 / 5

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