“In the Vault” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

An undertaker finds himself trapped in the vault where coffins are stored during winter for burial in the spring, and is mysteriously injured when he escapes.

So this short story was kind of okay, I didn’t have any expectations for this since the past couple of short stories by H.P Lovecraft was a disappointing. 

The plot itself was okay for the most part but there were a lots of moments where the story went down the hill. There were a lots of moments where this short story was super boring and I didn’t care for this short story. But I gotta say that this short story had the potential to be better than it actually was. 

When it comes to the horror part of this short story then it didn’t exist because it wasn’t scary at all. It might be scary for a kindergarten kid who never read any horror stories before. 

This short story had a little twist in it but it didn’t work for me at least, which is kind of a disappointment.  

I give this short story 2 / 5

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