“He” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

The man brings the narrator into his home. There, he tells him the story of a squire who bargained with Native Americans for the secrets of their rituals concerning time and space, which were practiced on the land where the squire had recently taken up residence. After learning these secrets, the squire killed the Native Americans by giving them “monstrous bad rum”. 

Yet again we are here to talk about another disappointing short story by the goat himself. I really have started to wonder if reading classics is for me because most of them are kind of disappointing for me.

However I need to give points to the plot for being a little bit bizarre and disturbing. But it wasn’t something which really got my attention because my attention was running away from the short story and I had hard time trying to focus on it as I’ve read it.

The writing style was okay for the most part. But there were moments where the writing style ran down the hill. 

This short story for me was very uninteresting because I feel like I’ve read and watched similar stories which really took the wind out of it for me. 

I give this short story 1 / 5

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