“The Unnamable” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

Carter, a weird fiction writer, who is likely Randolph Carter who features in some of Lovecraft’s other tales such as “The Statement of Randolph Carter”, meets with his close friend, Joel Manton, in a cemetery near an old, dilapidated house on Meadow Hill in the town of Arkham, Massachusetts. As the two sit upon a weathered tomb, Carter tells Manton the tale of an indescribable entity that allegedly haunts the house and surrounding area.

And here again we are talking about another disappointing short story by H.P Lovecraft. 

You gotta know that I’m huge fan of H.P Lovecraft but this one didn’t go well with me. This one was really silly, stupid and it felt like it was written by a junior high student not by the goat himself aka H.P Lovecraft.

The writing style here wasn’t great either so don’t expect much from this short story. Because it isn’t good. 

The entire short story begins with 2 characters in a deep conversation about how something could be unnamable. Which wasn’t so good at least not for me. But here again we are coming back to me being harsh on things I read now on days. 

The whole plot of this short story wasn’t something unique or even good enough to talk about it a lot. 

This short story is the second appearance of Randolph Carter which means that it is a follow-up to the amazing and great “Statement of Randolph Carter”. But this short story is bad, like really bad. It is completely horrible.

I give this short story 1 / 5

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