Gifts for upcoming Christmas [Sponsored By New World Order Store] Part 1

As you might know by now, Christmas is 4 weeks away, so it’s basically around the corner. Which means that the journey of buying Christmas gifts is about to begin for some and for some it already have began.

Thats why we will talk about the New World Order Store which I’ve recently started with products from the Nu Skin. New World Order Store is linked to Nu Skin and if you buy any products in my online store then your payment, packing of the product (s) and the shipment to the product (s) is handled by Nu Skin. But let’s get back to the gifts you may want to buy for your family member, friends or coworkers. 

Gift 1) ageLOC Transformation

This package of 4 products, is good for your the more adult people in your life like your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, your more adult friends and coworkers. 

The products in this package offers the you as a user of this package pretty good and complete skin care as well as this package offers purifies, moisturises, renews, cleanses and it makes the skin look younger and healthier. 

This package offers you both evening and morning skin care rituals. 

This package reduces the appearance of wrinkles, pores and discolouration. 

This package increases hydration, smooth skin, youthful skin structure and skin radiance.

This package have one main negative side to it which is the prise. The prise is around $320 – $350 US dollars but it may be a little bit more or less from country to country. 

Gift 2) Epoch IceDancer

Need a good leg and feet gel ? Then this gel is for you. 

Probably the best part about this gel is that is fast to dry into your skin and its not sticky as some gels like to be.

This gel has also a good mix of Wild Mint, Peppermint Oil, Horse Chestnut andEucalyptus Leaf extract. All of these things gives you a good relaxing and chilling vibe.

The tube and the label to this gel are made from 100% responsibly sourced bioresin and the production of the packaging is produces with 80% less CO2 emissions per tube produced. 

Every purchase of this product donates US$0.25 to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit organisation which is committed to creating a better world and a better tomorrow by improving protecting fragile environments, promoting indigenous cultures and improving human life.

This product was inspired by the Northwest American tribes. Member of these tribes years ago would spend long periods of time in the wild walking or running. And after these exhausting periods of time they would rub the natural Wild Mint on their feet and legs to revitalise and refresh them.

Gift 3) Dividends Shave Cream

Shaving is after us all. With this shaving cream you can fully exfoliate and cleanse your skin.

This cream removes dirt and oil from your skin. As well as it optimises razor glide for a smooth and clean shave that leaves your skin looking and feeling great.

This cream is good for your dad, boyfriend, fiancé, husband,  brother or just a male friend. 

This shaving cream includes dipotassium glycyrrhizate, vitamin E as well as bisabolol.

Gift 4) AgeLOC Tru Face Essence Duet

This product is a dual vial system which is combined with two strong formulas. And these 2 strong formulas are a serum and a cream to contour + tone the skin on the neck and face.

This product also offers anti-ageing properties, but this doesn’t mean that its only for the more adult people. 

This product gives you a smooth skin, moisturisation, visibly firmer skin as well as toned looking skin.

This product mainly targets the sources of visible signs of skin ageing just as wrinkles and more to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of ageing.

Gift 5) AP 24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

This toothpaste gently lightens your teeth. As well as it helps you to prevent cavities. 

This toothpaste have a gentle, vanilla mint formula. And the formula fights the formation of plaque.   

AP 24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste will remove the stains and return your teeth to their natural colour. No matter if your teeth were darkened by various foods, tobacco or drinks.

This toothpaste leaves your mouth and teeth with a long-lasting feeling of smoothness and cleanliness.

You can get all of these gifts on my store’s site which is New World Order Store

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