“Lenore” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

Guy de Vere cannot weep for his dead beloved Lenore. He gives an elegy in which he berates everyone for loving her wealth and hating her pride, suggesting that people had wished her ill and effectively killed her

This one was a somber poem. But I need to give it points for having the beautiful way into honoured her after she have died in the poem. 

As you can expect this poem is about the sorrow of losing the beloved ones which is pretty much a typical Edgar Allan Poe thing. However this poem is also about the consolation of believing that they left to better place.

The writing style was okay for the most part, however I personally were missing the gothic and dark vibe to it. 

This poem was also kind of like melancholy splendour. Or at least it give that kind of impression when I read it.

This poem is also good to show how Edgar Allan Poe have struggled with the deaths of many women in his life. 

This poem as a whole isn’t that great or it also could be me not liking most of the poems in the world.

I give this poem 2 / 5

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