“some accounts of stonehenge, the giant’s dance” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

This one isn’t a story but rather an historical article about Stonehenge written by no other than Edgar Allan Poe.

I need to say that this one is far from his normal dark fiction stories and poems Edgar Allan Poe is known for. But still it was actually much better than a lots of his other work which I have reviewed here and will probably review in the near future.

This whole piece was done pretty well and it sort of was informative as you could possibly expect from 1840 time. What I’m trying to say is that a lots of people during this time wasn’t on the top of the news, information and knowledge. 

This article was sort of flavoured with a fun little twist at the end. Which was that there are twenty dancing giants at stonehenge.

This one is pretty much a must read if you want to read Edgar Allan Poe, and it is definitely worth reading.

I give this poem 2 / 5

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