Investing Brokers And Commissions

All brokers offer you as a customer a menu of investment options which for the most part are mutual funds, individual stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds and options. And some brokers may offer you full access to investing in futures trading, cryptocurrencies and foreign currency exchange markets.

For the most part the investments offered to you by all brokers will be dictate in two things. 1) whether your investment needs will be satisfied 2) how much you’ll pay in commissions.

Yes brokers take commissions from you, some brokers take higher commissions and some brokers take smaller commissions. And thats why it’s important to pay close attention to the commissions associated which comes with your preferred investments.

– Options

The options trades often incur the stock trade commission together with a per-contract fee. Which for the most part is somewhere between 15 cents and $1.50.

– Individual stocks

There are some brokers no matter what charge a commission to sell and buy stocks. And the commission is either per share or per trade. But most of online brokers now on days doesn’t charge commissions. And thats why this blog recommend online brokers over normal brokers.

– ETFs

For the most art the ETFs trade like stocks and are bought for a share price. This mean that they are commissioned like stock trades. However there are many brokers which offers you as a customer a list of commission-free ETFs. 

– Cryptocurrencies

Now on days as you may expect there are more and more brokerages are starting to offer you various types of crypto coins. But there are a greater risk in the crypto market than when we are talking about bonds, funds or stocks. So it’s important that you fully understand all fees, commissions and risk before you actually start to invest in crypto.

– Bonds

You can buy bond mutual funds and ETFs at almost no charge by simply using no-transaction-fee mutual funds and commission-free ETFs. 

– Mutual funds

There are some brokers that charge a fee when it comes to buying mutual funds. You can limit the mutual fund transaction costs by only selecting a broker that offers no-transaction-fee mutual funds. 

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