“King Pest” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

It is about the adventure of two drunk sailors who venture into a deserted part of the city, escaping without payment from the local pub

Need to say that this story remind me of The Hangover. If The Hangover happened in the 14th century London during the Black Death pandemic.

It was pretty interesting and fun to read, but there were a lots of things which I personally didn’t like or didn’t quit understand.

The writing style was good, but not as quit gothic and dark as you might expect from Edgar Allan Poe. But still it was good.

This story was good and quick to read, but still it could have been better than it was actually was. 

To be honest the entire story reminded me of something that Lewis Carroll would write and not something Edgar Allan Poe would write. 

For the most part it was written nicely with some black humour in it.

I give this poem 1 / 5

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