“The Diary of a Young Girl” By Anne Frank Review

Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl is an inspiring and tragic account of an ordinary life lived in extraordinary circumstances that has enthralled readers for generations. In Amsterdam, in the summer of 1942, the Nazis forced teenager Anne Frank and her family into hiding. For over two years, they, another family and a German dentist lived in a ‘secret annexe’, fearing discovery.

This one is really worth reading because it opens your eyes on things you probably didn’t think about or consider. Of course this one is hard to read at times because of what Anne Frank had written about the life in her hidden place and how it really is to be hidden for over then 2 years which is a fucking long time.

It’s important to say that this book might not be for everyone, because of the harsh reality of it and the tragic life which Anne Frank and her family had. 

For everyone who is interested in World War 2 just like me this book is a must read because it gives you a perspective from a jews girl who was very optimistic and hoped for the best even when she knew that the reality might be very different then what she hopes it would be some day.

This book is very different from most books about World War 2 because it comes from a perspective of a little jew girl who was in hiding with her family for over 2 years to escape the Holocaust. 

This book is really hard to review because it’s not a typical book in which you can point out things you like and not like. This book is essentially a diary written by a girl during war time and you sort of cant say “oh, this is wrong” because people who didn’t go through Holocaust dont know what it really was like to suffer in these fucking places. 

But of course this diary / book was written by a 13 / 14 year old girl which means that there are a lots of cringe moments in it. So be warned about that.

This book at times also feels like a hardcore history lesson which not everyone will like, but I guess that there are people who are like me and prefer to rather have a hardcore history lesson than a censured history lesson.

There were also times were this book felt like a major gossip written by a teen girl who is shitty about her parents because they didn’t allow her to do things which she wanted to do. 

I give this book 3 / 5

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