Timing The Market VS. Time In The Market After 2020 And 2021

To be honest when you start investing isn’t as much important as the fact if how long you stay investing after you start. So keep that in mind if you are freaking out that you are too late in the game.  

And since that we been through a pandemic this fact is also a important thing to remember during a pandemic. 

But also keep in mind that it is much easier to invest if you invest for the long-term goals.

I always say that you shouldn’t never invest money you will and might need next year, or in three years. And the reason behind this is that it’s very possible the stock or mutual fund you purchase will drop in value in the short term. And if you are investing for the long run then these short-term drops and problems are relevant for you.

And if you will need these funds for a large buying deal or some sort of emergency, you may as well have to sell your investment before it has a chance to bounce back, resulting in a loss.

You Can Find My Investing Portfolio Here

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