“The Last Days of Jack Sparks” By Jason Arnopp Review

Jack Sparks died while writing this book. It was no secret that journalist Jack Sparks had been researching the occult for his new book. No stranger to controversy, he’d already triggered a furious Twitter storm by mocking an exorcism he witnessed. Then there was that video: forty seconds of chilling footage that Jack repeatedly claimed was not of his making, yet was posted from his own YouTube account. Nobody knew what happened to Jack in the days that followed, until now.

I personally had high expectations for this book which it didn’t live up to.

This book is sort of a horror and paranomal book, which had the potential to be good but wasn’t that. It would be much better if we first got to know Jack and his investigation and then throughout his brother which is also in this book we would learn what have happened to him.

I need to give this book points for being funny and the fact that I personally could relate to Jack at the beginning.

The story itself was amazing but wasn’t used in the right way as I metioned above. The story had the potential to create this book one of the best horror books but all we got is a skeleton of a story.

Story started off right up my alley and I thought that I will love it. But after around 80 pages all I wanted is the book to end as fast as possible. An Italian exorcism that Jack gets permission to watch for his next book, the whole principle of the story sounds very interesting, but we as readers need much more than just a good idea for a book.

The main character Jack, was at the begining an amzing character he was sort of a jerk and a huge skeptic in the paranormal which I also am so it made it very easy to releate to him. But after around 100 pages he became more and more annoying. And the rest of the characters in this book was sort of just there to fill the story.

This book was definitely an odd book which had a big potential but it wasn’t scary or even close to it. So this book won’t get points for that.

The writing style was okay, but it could be better than it was. There were points in this book where the writing style was insufferable.

The ending is sort of hard to describe or say anything about without spoling anything for you. All I can say is that it was weird.

Overall this book was entertaining at times but it lacks elements which would make this book good or anthing close to it.

I give this book 1 / 5

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