“Mesmeric Revelation” by Edgar Allan Poe Review

The nineteenth century witnessed an explosion of imagination. After centuries dominated by church religion and the eighteenth century’s age of reason, men and women began exploring new ways of looking at and experiencing the world, including the world of the unseen.

This story is for the most part a story about a dude who is close to death, and he is put in a state of sleep-waking ish. Which isn’t so unique idea for a story.

The narrator in this book isn’t the main character, the main character is the man who is close to death. The narrator and the man in this story are talking about universe, God and other “mysteries” we don’t use a lot of out time on now on days. 

The ending is not what every Edgar Allan Poe fan would expect. Because the ending leaves us more or less with the conclusion that the man is asleep or just talking beyond the grave. Which is very poor work made by Edgar Allan Poe.

The writing style in this story is very on point with Edgar Allan Poe. It’s good, it drags you into the story and makes you imagine what you are reading which not a lots of authors have the ability to do.

It’s important to mention that this story may seem like an earlier version of M. Valdemar to some people. It did at least for me when I read it the first time years ago in junior high.

The whole story takes us into a journey which is involving the fad of the time of writing. However it’s important to mention that this tale starts with making you curious about what will be the next thing which will be said. But after a while it turns into a philosophical discussion story which again not a lot of people likes.

The whole plot about a sick & dying man who is hypnotized in a state that is halfway between life and death. will make some people love it, but when we look at the aspect that there are a lots of stories which involves these elements now on days does take the hype away. 

I give this story 4 / 5

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