“Al Aaraaf” by Edgar Allan Poe Review

“Al Aaraaf” is the longest poem Poe wrote and was inspired by Tycho Brahe’s discovery of a supernova back in 1572 which was visible for about seventeen months. Poe identified this nova with Al Aaraaf, a star that was the place between paradise and hell.

Before we go into this review I need to be honest with you about the fact that I don’t have a clue what the poem supposed to be about.

Dont get me wrong it was eloquently and gorgeously written. Because you know Edgar Allan Poe have written it. 

After some time spent thinking I have understood that this poem was about 2 spiritual beings who fall in love with each other but it also was about  the consequences which come from these 2 spiritual beings falling in love which each other.

This poem gets 1 / 5

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