“The Colloquy of Monos and Una” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

It focuses on two people, who are apparently in love, discussing their passing away from the mortal plane. Monos died first and describes being conscious of his surrounding from his death until after his burial. He describes feeling Una by his side all the way to feeling the worms slowly devour his empty body.

This one is all about the conversation between two lovers who have gone beyond the grave. I don’t know why but this one did not appeal to me which is really strange because I usually like stories like this one. 

However I need to give this story points for being uniquely imagined and very creative in its own way.

This one have all the points which a good gothic story should have which of course is the gothic vibe, romance, dark mood and a deeper meaning behind it.

And to be honest but I got Friedrich Nietzsche vibes from this one which was really strange for me. Which of course I really dont mind. 

The whole potential of this story for me at least wasn’t used as it could have been. So this is the reason why I give this one so low rating.

The writing style is far from good or even okay. It almost doesn’t feel like Edgar Allan Poe have written it. 

I give this poem 1 / 5

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