“Hashtag” By Remigiusz Mróz Review

“Your package is waiting for you!” Was the message that seemed to be a simple mistake. Tesa wasn’t expecting any delivery, she wouldn’t order anything online – and even if she did, she certainly wouldn’t have chosen to deliver to a parcel locker. If she didn’t have to, she didn’t leave the house. However, she decided to check the mysterious package – and it turned out to be the biggest mistake she had ever made. She fell into a spiral of events that would completely change her life

At the time of writting this review this book is only available in Polish.

This book is sort is sort of a mystery-thriller book. Which isnt that good as you may think. If you are Polish and you know that author you might assocaite him crime series which is somehow popular in Poland.

However this book is a good prove that some authors should get out of writting books in the genre which made them popular in the first place.

It is said that this book is pyschological thriller but it is far from it, if you want me the be truly honest with you.

There are dozens and dozens pieces in this book which doesnt fit in togeter. There are sort of jumping back and forward in time all the time. And there is some kind of two dimensions vibe to this book because of the fact that the jumping in time happens so often in this book.

The characters in this book are too flat to even be ranked somewhere on the character scal. Which really speaks for itself. Yes there are few characters in this book, but none of them are worth speaking of or even mentioning. You can’t relate to any characters in this book which makes it not easy to like this book

The psychological game in this book is okay but it is to poor written and put together. The beginning was good but when the game began to bring in more details and the jumps in timeline become more and more frequent it had just ruin the story a lot.

The thing with Twitter involvement in this book is pretty good, but still kind of cheap trick and use of the psychological game. Even the unknown number calls or texts would be much better in this book than the Twitter element.

The writing style is kind of a cheap. Of course there are times where the writing style really drags you into the story but there arent a lots of these times and these times also doesnt last that long as you would like.

The way how the author choose to present the story to us was kind of a cheap and boring. It almost feels like the author really hard tried to be Stephen King and Dan Brown at the same time. Which never will work if you know the work of these two authors.

Even if you are a fan of psycholgical books like myself, you wil have hard time vibing with the story or even liking it.

I give this book 2 / 5

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