“The Assignation” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

“The Assignation,” one of Edgar A. Poe’s earliest stories is, in fact, the first true murder mystery ever written—though it was not recognized as a mystery at all for some 170 years. The accepted theory was that the story is a romance, in which the two lovers killed themselves in a suicide pact

This one lacks the background knowledge to the whole story. Which as you can guess takes the wind out of this story.

The writing style was pretty decent but not much to talk about. It wasn’t super bad but it wasn’t neither good as in “The Raven” or some other works written by Edgar Allan Poe.

This story gives you a lots of questions but almost none answers which doesn’t work well for me at least.

For the most part it is an interesting story which takes place in Venice. 

It also have the gothic vibe to it which I love, however the conversations about art which are pretty frequent in this story sort of kills a little bit the gothic vibe. 

I give this poem 1 / 5

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