“The Purloined Letter” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

It stars C. Auguste Dupin, a detective from France. In the story, a letter goes missing and is being used to blackmail an unnamed woman.

This one is the third and last short story in the C. Auguste Dupin Series which is of course written by Edgar Allan Poe.

This one is sort of a crime story with gothic and dark vibes to it. But it isn’t fully a crime story which you probably imagine. 

For the most part it is a pretty simple and short crime story. The mystery in this short story is pretty much way too simple and more or less boring. 

This one isn’t neither very thrilling or engaging or interesting. 

This one is hard to pin down, because you either like it or not like it. 

The writing style was simple and at moments very boring which really disappointed me.

I give this poem 2 / 5

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