“Dreams” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

This one describes a speaker waking and dreaming state and the brief moments of light and hope he experiences. The speaker begins this piece by introducing a dark dream that he was subject to. This dream, and the emotions he experienced during it, are not unfamiliar to him.

This one was another one written by Edgar Allan Poe which left me very conflicted when I was about to write this review.

I didn’t like it at the beginning when the story was just starting out, but I liked the way this poem came together at the end.

Its an interesting read but somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to give this poem a higher rating.

For the most part this whole poem is about the difference between dreams and reality. Dreams are joyful and full of hope; reality is dreary and painful. Dreams are warm and sunny, the reality is cold, grim and dark.

The writing style was on point with Edgar Allan Poe, which means that it was very good. 

This one is for sure a must read for anyone who calls themselves a “Edgar Allan Poe fan”

I give this poem 2 / 5

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